•  The most important potential in Uttara Kannada district is its talented manpower. The literacy rate of Uttara Kannada district is 84%. (90% male and 78% female). The district is producing 3,500 engineers/science graduates, 5,000 commerce graduates, and 1,500 other graduates every year. In nutshell, every year district is producing 10,000 talented human resources looking for opportunities.
  • The main businesses in the district are mostly agriculture/fisheries. Unfortunately, these segments are not able to provide opportunities for more than 10% of the employment aspirants produced each year.
  • Remaining 90% of the resources are moving every year from the district towards metro cities for employment and other opportunities. Over the last 3-4 decades there are a lot of migration and 70% of them are gradually settling down at metros. As per our estimate around 3 lakh, people from our district are working in IT and other sectors in various metro cities. In addition to this, more than 20,000 people from our area are working in the US and other countries across the world.

  •  This migration initially seems to be successful in terms of career and economy, but there is a hidden threat, and if this continues for the next 1 or 2 decades:

    o We may end up with only old age people.

     o We may not see the transformation of our great culture to the next generation.

    o We may see the social imbalance and result in diminishing human values.

  •  And the trends are already indicting in that way, we should not lose something which is legacies, very precious while aspiring for something new. This is the time we need to seriously think about it and brainstorming has resulted in the birth of Sirsi Tech Park. We are a team of experienced professionals with diverse industry skills and functional domains, with a dream to preserve and transform the great culture and human values to the next generation.

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